Apple Watch Sport Unboxing

Apple Watch Sport Unboxing

One of the most anticipated devices of the year is the Apple Watch. Announced last year by Apple, we’ve finally got our hands on our very own. The Apple Watch Sport.

We’ve unboxed our fair share of Apple products in the past, but this by far had to be the best. All elements of the packaging had been carefully designed to make each feel like opening a box of expensive jewellery as opposed to a media device.

Before reading up on our in-dept review of the unboxing, why not watch the finished video below….

Watch our Unboxing

The box itself is quite plain, but not uncommon. The iPhone 6 came in a similar type package, pure white with a simple engraving of the ‘6’. The Apple Watch package is no different with the words ‘Apple Watch’ engraved into the top of the lid.

Open the lid and you’re presented with the plastic case holding the Apple Watch. But before we talk about that, here’s what else comes inside the box.

The manuals for the Apple Watch were far more extensive than manuals supplied with the iPhone or iPads. Overviews of pre-installed apps, a key diagram of the buttons and features on the Watch and how to fasten the Sport band strap were displayed pictorially on an easy to understand fold out manual.

A larger wrist? The Sport band comes with an additional M/L strap.

The included mains plug had a different size and style to previous mains chargers from Apple. With a simple flip design, the mains plug neatly folds away making it perfect for taking on travels.

The Apple Watch can only be charged using the Wireless Inductive charger included in the box. The Apple Watch Sport comes with a 2m long all plastic design charger, compared to the stainless steel finish charger found in the more premium Apple Watch Edition versions.

The inner lining of the box holding the Apple Watch is made from a soft micro fibre. The box is suitable for storing your watch when not in use.

More guides on how to fasten the Sport Band strap were attached to the Watch. Simple and easy to understand. A lot of emphasis had been put into ensuring using and getting started with the Apple Watch was made as easy to understand as possible.

So that’s our quick unboxing and overview of what you can expect to receive with the Apple Watch Sport. Overall, of all the packages that we’ve opened from Apple, this by far was one of the most carefully designed. Instructions were clear and easy to understand and the items included with the Apple Watch (charger, mains plug, box) all felt premium and of high quality.

We’ve been busy testing the Apple Watch since the unboxing, so be sure to check again soon where we will be covering more news, videos and reviews of the Apple Watch Sport.