My best Orzly LG G4 case

My best LG G4 case and a summary of difference between all the available cases !

My name is Jamie, and the purpose of writing this article is to introduce the entire range of Orzly cases available for the LG G4, “Hopefully” this will help you get a better idea about the different features and functions of the cases and help you find what suits you best.

Orzly Multifunctional Wallet Case

So firstly, this case comes in three different colours, Red, Blue and Black. When you put the case into the phone you can straight wait see and feel that this case is a great build and premium quality. The case has all the correct cutouts to allow you to use the handset seamlessly, it also fits the phone snugly even with the LG G4 leather back which is amazing ! As you can see from looking at the images there are a few key features in regards to this case, one of them being the leather clasp. Which also has a magnet inside it, this allows the lid to stay closed and keep all your valuables in one place even if the case has been overloaded with cards as I have, you wouldn’t want the case the be flapping around and allow all your worldly possessions to just fall out. The clasp also sticks to the back of the phone so when you have the handset on its side whilst watching a film or playing a game, it does not get in the way. I think features like this really set it apart from other cases on the market, going through every tiny little detail to ensure that the case sets it self apart from others. The next great feature about this product is that it is a wallet, when you first put your cards inside the case they feel very secure, I only put a couple in to test it and then found myself putting as many cards in as possible. I’ve always been set in my ways, and what I mean by this is that I liked the old button phones and didn’t want to upgrade to a full touch screen all those years ago, but now I wouldn’t go back, and it’s the same with this case. I have always owned a wallet and never really thought about putting the two together; however, after using this case I can honestly say that I am a changed man. It not only frees up a pocket it also means that I do not have to do the usual routine of trying to locate both my wallet and phone. If you are like me then I am sure you will understand that this can be a pain and if you are not like me then you are probably the person helping someone like me look for them.

Orzly FlexiCase

Now this case comes in three colours as well and they are Red, Smoke Black and Smoke White. The FlexiCase is a great and simple design; it is slightly thicker than the FlexiSlim case, which is the slimmest case on the market. Therefore, I feel it adds a slightly better resistance to bangs and drops, if you are the type of person that doesn’t want to have a case on your phone but feel that you need to as your handset is pretty expensive, then this might be the case for you.

In addition, the great thing about this case is that it adds a nice bit of grip to enable you too safely take it in and out of your pocket. With out the feeling that you are going to drop it, or if you are texting after a long day at work and then you have a momentary lapse in concentration and let go slightly of your phone this case will give you a little bit of resistance to help prevent that. Worst-case scenario if you do drop it then it will help reduce damage to your phone.
Now just to finish off, one thing I have noticed with other gel cases is that if the cutouts are not perfect, they sometimes interfere with taking pictures.

For example, I had a case before that whenever I would take pictures I would have a green tint where the flash had gone off. Now at Orzly we have considered those and made sure that all the cut outs are so precise that this doesn’t happen, I mean there is nothing worse than going home and checking the pictures you’ve taken at birthdays, weddings, family reunions, knowing that most of them are ruined because of a simple mistake.

Orzly Fusion Bumper Case

These cases have been manufactured from a tough combination of toughened polyurethane and polycarbonate, it also comes in a variety of colours, including, blue and black. This case is beautiful but tough, it not only shows the elegant design of your new LG G4 it also protects the handset from scratches, accidental bumps, drops and general day to day wear.
The key features of this case is the unique bumper that wraps the outside of your phone, ensuring a really tight fit and also adding a nice bit of protection against knocks and bangs. It is slightly flexible to enable you to take the case off and on with ease as well as adding a bit of resistance against slight shock damage.

In addition to the bumper wrapping around your handset it has also been designed to carefully raise your device just enough to prevent the screen from touching a flat surface. Therefore helping fight against any unwanted scratches to the screen. The other feature of this case is the tough clear back, which will not only protect your handset from scratches, will also allow you to view the true beauty of the design. In addition, because the case is such a secure fit, there is a special coating on the inside to help against any damage to your phone while taking the case on and off.

Orzly FlexiSlim Case

The slimmest case on the market, and also made from premium polycarbonate with a urethane coating, now what this does it prevent any colour loss. This case is not for the faint hearted and is the ultimate slim, form-fitting and lightweight case out. Because it is so slim, it will allow you to feel the exact dimensions of the phone. The other key features of the case are that it is constructed from toughened polycarbonate, which is also flexible and extremely thin, 0.24mm to be precise. Due to how slim the case is it is not recommended that it be used in dangerous environments. Instead, it is to help taking your phone in and out of a pocket or bag knowing that your handset is still as new. Whilst this case is thin, it will help add a bit of grip while holding your device, and if you have a tendency to drop your handset unexpectedly this will help stop that. Ultimately, this case is designed and constructed for people who dislike cases in the first place, but want something to stop the endless amount of scratches that come from everyday use.

In conclusion, if I had to pick my top three then I would say the Orzly Multifunctional Wallet Case, Orzly Fusion Bumper Case and finally the Orzly FlexiSlim Case. My own personal reason for these three are, the Orzly Multifunctional Wallet Case is perfect for me in regards to keeping all of my worldly possessions safe, I can disregard my wallet and just turn two items into one. This case would defiantly make my life a lot easier in terms of losing things and has the added feature of safety; the case is robust enough that dropping it I feel my device would still be very secure and safe nestled inside the wallet. Now on the other hand the FlexiSlim would take me in a completely different route than the Wallet case, as it will be good at keeping my phone scratch free and make it very nice to take in and out of my pocket. As the case is very slim, I cannot imagine it would fare well in a fall, but I am not really the type of person to who drops their phone. Then we have the Fusion case now this would be a lot better at protecting my phone from drops and the clear back would keep m phone scratch free which is awesome, it would be a little bulkier than the FlexiSlim but not as bulky compared to the Multifunctional Wallet case.

Now If I had to choose which one I would be taking home it would definitely be the Orzly Fusion Bumper case, now this is just my personal opinion but I think the case has a good all round feel to it. It’s not massively bulky or too slim, I can still see the design of my handset and I know if I dropped the phone it would last the fall.