OnePlus 3 Accessories by Orzly

So far, Orzly have come out with a few different cases & accessories for the fan favourite “OnePlus 3” device. I wanted to put a post-up to go through those accessories and help you choose which is the best fit for your needs! I have a personal favourite and I’m sure by the end of this article you will too!

The cases:

Let’s get straight into it!


2.5D Pro-Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector

I’ve quite literally applied hundreds, perhaps thousands of screen protectors to numerous different phones in the past five or six years, anything from the cheap film to the more standard Tempered Glass protectors and I have not come across an easy screen protector to apply than the one Orzly have created here.

It’s slightly different to the Tempered Glass you’ve used before and this is down to the way OnePlus have designed their new phone. Because of the curvature in the glass, Orzly have had to release a new style of Screen Protector for the 3. I affectionately call it the “Full Body Screen Protector,” but it’s correctly known as the “Pro-Fit.” Why “Full Body” I hear you pondering to yourself? It’s because the Screen Protector doesn’t just cover the screen, it’s also got the edge all the way around the screen covered too.

The beauty of this design, is that no one ever has to know that you’ve got the Screen Protector on. The phone looks the same with it on, as it does without! Let me get back to how it’s one of the easiest Screen Protectors I’ve ever applied. This is down to how the Screen Protector is stuck to your phone! Orzly are using a dot-matrix method, which means there is no adhesive on the actual screen and the protector is stuck down with adhesive on the black areas of your OnePlus 3. This makes it incredibly simple to apply, simply line up your fingerprint sensor and front facing camera holes, whip of the film and place. It’s that simple! No rubbing the screen for hours trying to get rid of air-bubbles!


Flexi Case

The FlexiCase is probably the easiest case we have to explain. It’s your standard TPU design, very flexible, not too bulky and a great option for any OnePlus fan that wants a case that’ll work with or without a screen protector and still show off the beauty that is the OnePlus 3. It’s super simple to put on, you simply place the phone into it! It’s done in numerous different colours so you can choose which suits you the most- I tend to stick with the clear one

On a side-bar to the FlexiCase, I wanted to give an honourable mention, a shout-out if you will, to the Orzly Ring Stand. This is a little additional accessory you can purchase and it sticks to the back of your phone (or preferably to a FlexiCase or Fusion Bumper Case) and allows you to transform these cases into stands and/or in-car holders. As an avid player of the new found phenomenon Pokemon GO, I’ve found this little gadget to be of great use when I’m walking the streets trying to be the very best! It allows me greater grip on the device and generally helps me feel more secure that if someone were to try and steal my phone, they wouldn’t get very far as it’s attached to my finger! It’s also a great little table stand for when you’re catching Pokemon at the dinner table! (I don’t do that, if my wife asks.)


Multi-Functional Wallet Case

Having worked and sold accessories for a major portion of my life, I’m aware that not everyone shares the same opinion that I do on Wallet Cases. In fact, a large portion of you love them! I unfortunately cannot get over having to open my phone to use it. However, I can still appreciate the beauty in its design and craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a Wallet Case for your OnePlus 3, stop right there! The case Orzly have put out has a great feel to it, comes in several great colours, has 2 easy to use card slots, a magnetic seal- so that flap doesn’t fly around everywhere when you’ve got your phone out and transforms into a great stand for when you’re watching TV!

I’ve got mine, so I can pop my OnePlus 3 out of my Fusion case and into the “Flip Case” on an occasion that I’m not taking my wallet and need to keep my banks cards/money/phone all in one place! It’s also a great vibrant red colour, I can’t stress enough how much the colours pop on all the cases I’m mentioning in this post today!




Grip-Pro Cases

This is a completely new style case to me, never before have I ever really opted in to using a slightly more “bulky” case which offers a huge amount of protection. If I’m honest with myself, I didn’t expect to love this one as much as I do. As with the other cases it comes in a variety of colours, unlike the other cases it’s a 2-part case. It comes with an “inner” silicone layer which wraps around the OnePlus 3 comfortably and then an “outer” harder layer which is where the colour resides and this just clips on to the phone around the silicone. Together these two layers come together to ultimately protect your phone against accidents.

It’s got a really superb feeling textured back, which helps you grip the phone securely and from my point of view it just looks magnificent. This case turned me from someone who would only really use a FlexiCase to someone who now doesn’t leave the house with either the Grip-Pro or the Fusion case protecting my phone! If you’re looking for a case with some colour, style and most importantly something that will keep your phone safe, the Grip-Pro is most definitely for you!


Fusion Bumper Case


We’ll finish with my favourite case out of the lot; seriously it just beats out the Grip-Pro and I’ll tell you why! When phone manufacturers go to the lengths they do to create a visually stunning phone, like OnePlus have with the 3 I’m loathe to cover them up. The Fusion case fuses (excuse the pun) the level of protection from the Grip-Pro & the design of the FlexiCase into one, therefore creating the ULTIMATE (too far?) option.

The case covers all the ports, but leaves the Notification switcher accessible, it feels solid and covers up the camera bump so that it won’t get scratched when you leave it on the table. The rim of the case comes up and covers the screen so that if you lie it flat on its screen, the screen is not touching the surface. Finally, as with all the cases in this post, it fits perfectly with the Pro-Fit Screen Protector! I feel the only way I can make the Fusion better is by adding on a Ring Stand, actually that idea isn’t half bad. Going to have to get hold of another Ring Stand, as my current one is stuck of my FlexiCase!

Though seriously, choosing a case is down to practicality and personal preference, I’m hoping my words can help guide you into choosing the correct one for your day-to-day life. As per usual you can find all these products on the official website or if you’d prefer you can also order them through Amazon! Orzly is open to all sorts of feedback, so please send is some! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or through the “Support” link on the main website! We look forward to hearing from you!