Orzly Accessories for the iPad Pro

Orzly Accessories for the iPad Pro

So you’ve got your brand new iPad Pro. It’s fast, looks stylish, sounds great, has a ginormous screen but lets face it, it’s a nightmare to hold and an accident waiting to happen. It’s incredibly awkward to hold in one hand for long periods of time, and that’s just not coming from me, a lot of tried and felt the exact same way. Get a case I hear you say, well at Orzly we’ve got a great varied selection of cases and accessories that not only help to make it easier to hold the iPad Pro but also give you added functionality. So whether you’re looking for simple or something insanely multi-functional we’ve got just the thing for you!

The FlexiCase for the iPad Pro is a simple, yet protective and stylish case for the iPad Pro. Made from a TPU gel material, the FlexiCase adds very little bulk and weight to the iPad Pro helping maintain the sleekness of the tablet.

The 100% clear design of the FlexiCase is perfect for showing off the full design of the iPad Pro, meaning whether the space grey, silver of champagne gold version of the iPad Pro will look perfect inside the case.

The flexible design of the FlexiCase makes it extremely easy to install it onto the iPad Pro, and if you ever need to remove it (not that you will once you’ve got it on), it couldn’t be simpler.

Access to all ports, buttons and features mean you never need to remove the case if need to access any areas of the iPad Pro.

The back, sides and corners of the iPad Pro are all covered, providing protection against knocks, bumps and scratches.

Combine the FlexiCase with the 5 in 1 Screen Protector Pack for complete all round protection to your iPad Pro.

We’ve all damaged a phone screen once or known someone that has. if it’s an Apple device, replacing the screen or the device can be expensive and time consuming. That’s where the 5 in 1 Pack goes a long way in protecting you against this unexpected cost.

Included in the pack are 5 film screen protectors and all the accessories and tools you need to help instal the screen protectors to your iPad Pro.

Orzly film screen protectors are triple layered to make them easier to instal and also to ensure you have a crystal clear invisible layer of protection to your tablet screen once applied.

The screen protectors also help to prevent unwanted fingerprints and smudges on the display.

Combine the screen protectors with the FlexiCase and all our Orzly cases for a full complete all round protection for your iPad Pro.

See how easy it is to instal the Orzly Screen Protector to your iPad Pro

The Multi-Functional Case for the iPad Pro is designed to not only give your device protection but also offer a range of other features making it a truly unique tablet case.

Made from a synthetic leather exterior and a micro-fibre inner, the Multi-functional Case is designed to give your device all round protection against knocks and bumps. On the inside of the case, the device is secured with a velcro strap ensuring there’s no chance of the tablet falling from the case.

Anyone who has or seen the iPad Pro knows just how stunning the 12.9″ display is, with the Multi-Functional Case you get full and easy access to this screen thanks to the multi-positional angles. The cover on the Multi-Functional Case can be folded to form a stand perfect for watching movies, videos, typing and using apps on the iPad Pro. (see pictures below)

On the inside cover of the Multi-Functional Case are dedicated slots for your most used credit/debit cards and also sim cards.

The inner cover also features a large pocket for additional notes or paper. Perfect if you use the iPad Pro as your personal portable laptop and require additional storage to hold paper documents.

Due to the size of the iPad Pro, holding it for long periods of time can become quite difficult, thanks to the hand strap on the inside cover, you can comfortably hold the iPad with one hand, and interact with the tablet with the other.

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The Orzly Headrest Case is designed to not only protect your iPad Pro, but also double up as a holder to support your iPad when in your vehicle.

The Headrest case easily fits around the headrest in your vehicle, allowing for a convenient position for passengers to watch videos, movies or use apps in your vehicle.

Made from a durable PU leather, the outer material, this helps to protect the back and bezels of your iPad Pro.

With cut outs to all the important ports, buttons and features, you can use your iPad Pro in the exact same way as if there were no case on the device.

The case also features a sleep/wake function, meaning opening the cover will wake the device and closing it will put it to sleep.

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