The Perfect Apple Watch and iPhone Accessory

The Orzly DuoStand for Apple Watch and iPhone

Statistics indicate the Apple Watch sold more units in one day than Android Wear devices have ever sold. That’s an astonishing statistic, and one that goes to show just how popular the Apple Watch has been.

Available in models ranging from the Silver Aluminium casing costing £299.00 to the 18-Carat Rose and Yellow gold casing costing £13,500.00. Many will be looking for accessories to protect, show off and charge their Apple Watch.

How will you charge yours?

The Apple Watch requires the connection with an iPhone as both devices need to be charged, many will resort to the below following set up…..

If the above is what you’re planning to do, not only will your desk look messy, you’ll also not be able to easily see or interact with the notifications you receive.

Designed in London, by Orzly, we introduce to you, the DuoStand for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

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The Orzly DuoStand is a stylish, minimalistic and modern stand that provides the perfect platform to charge your Apple Watch and iPhone whilst keeping either one in full view.

The DuoStand is designed to work with the magnetic charger supplied with your Apple Watch. Simply position your grommet charger into the circular slot allowing for an instant and seamless connection when placing your Apple Watch on charge. A soft micro-fibre lining ensures your charger is secure and not damaged.

Charging your Apple Watch can be easily achieved, with the strap closed or left open. Simply align the back of the Apple Watch to the magnetic charger.

Positioned at a slight angle, once docked, the Apple Watch is perfectly positioned at a comfortable angle to continue using apps and checking notifications.


The Apple Watch is heavily reliant on the connection with an iPhone. The Orzly DuoStand features an integrated stand for your smartphone to be positioned neatly beside the Apple Watch.

As well as charging your Apple Watch the DuoStand can also be used to charge your iPhone. With a dedicated slot for the Lightning charging cable, simply align the charging pin and dock your device. Due to the open design of the DuoStand, position the cables neatly to the power source.

When not charging, position your device horizontally for a perfect viewing angle to watch videos and movies. Compatible with all iPhones, the DuoStand allows your dock and view your device comfortably.


Made from a sturdy brushed aluminium frame, the DuoStand will look great on your desk at home or the office. The structure of the stand allows it to conveniently hold both the Apple Watch and an iPhone. Non-slip pads at the base of the unit and for the iPhone ensure your devices are safe and secure on the DuoStand.

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The Orzly DuoStand is available now to pre-order from and other online market places