Samsung Galaxy Note7, the Rumours & the Cases!

With the Galaxy Note7 being announced this week (August 2nd,) I thought I’d take a little time to have a quick look at all the rumours about this anticipated mobile device! I’ll also be looking through the cases Orzly will be offering for this device!

Ony of the main Note7 leaks has recently come from @OnLeaks on Twitter and what we have here are very official looking renders of the device itself. I’d go as far as saying that they’re probably the official press shots that Samsung will release when they announce the phone!


As you can see by the mock-ups above, it looks almost certain that Samsung have done away with the flat design and opted to go with the curved screen which has seen such positive reviews on their S6/7 Edge range. This would also help explain the jump from Note5 to Note7 if you take into account the Galaxy S6Edge+ which got released last year in lieu of the Note5 in certain regions!

The Note7 is puported to come with a USB-C connector; ditching the Micro-USB the same way many flagship phones have this year, it looks to come with a 12MP camera on the back and a 5MP front facing camera, similar to its S7 brother. RAM is likely to be around 4GB- a far cry from the 6GB some have reported, perhaps there will be a 6GB variant? And looks to come with either the Exynos 8893 or the Snapdragon 821 processor.

Dimension wise it looks like Samsung are set to announce a 5.7inch screen which has a QHD Super Amoled display and dimensions that allow that screen and a 3,500MAh battery would be as follows: 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9 mm

Other less verifiable rumours consist of the Note7 coming with an Iris scanner, as well as a Fingerprint sensor and Waterproofing (which makes sense as the S7 range is Water Resistant.)

We expect to see the Note7 in both US & European markets and do not expected to see an S7Edge+ device coming out.


A quick run through of the cases that are currently orderable for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note7, include one of the more popular products which is the FlexiCase.

It’s a great product for those who want a little protection and to keep the style of their phone on show. It comes in multiple different colours and if you couple it with a Screen Protector or an Orzly Ring Stand to create a winning combination!

Fusion Bumper Case

Looking for a bit more protection, but still want the Note7 to shine through? If this is the case for you then take a look at the Fusion Bumper Case. This case is my personal favourite, I have it on my personal phone right now. It offers just the level of protection I require for my day-to-day usage, feels great and you can still show off your phone underneath it!

It also comes in a few different colour bumpers and is manufactured from a combination of polycarbonate and toughened polyurethane, providing a really great level of protection for your phone. This can also be combined with a Screen Protector or the Ring Stand aswell.


The Grip-Pro case utilises a two peice construction to provide an ultimate level of protection for your Note7. There is a softer inner layer of silicone which keeps your phone cushioned in the event of an impact and a textured outer shell which provides you with a grippier surface to hold- hopefully preventing those accidental drops, as well as providing a second layer of protection! With all this protection, you’d think you would be sacrficing the form factor fo your phone. However the case still hold’s a slim form factor, allowing it not to add too much bulk to your pocket!

Again the case comes in multiple colours and is available to pre-order for the Note7 right now! It works in combination with a Note7 screen protector if you wanted to add another layer of protection, however the case itself does lip over the screen giving some protection to it already.

Multifunctional Wallet Case

Want to ditch your wallet? With the Multifunctional Wallet Case for the Note7 you can do just that! Combine your NFC enabled Note7, with your must need cards in the same Case! The Wallet case is a great option for people looking to slim down on the amount of things they carry around with them, it’s also a great option for people wanting to keep their Note7 in prisitine condition. The case wraps completely around your phone, leaving it snug and protected agaisnt any accidental bumps & scratches!

Love being able to Netflix n’ Chill in the most remote of areas? The Multifunctional Case comes equipped with a built in stand, so set your show up, sit back, relax and watch!

I know I’m excited to see Samsungs UnPacked event on August 2nd and I’m sure you are too! If you need any help with ordering the Note7 range cases get in contact with us on Social Media sites or through our website!



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