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Welcome to the brand new Orzly Blog

At Orzly we want to give you the latest news, reviews and unboxings in a quick and easy to understand way, that’s where the Orzly Blog comes in.

In our blog we will give you news of the latest mobile phone releases, Orzly accessory announcements and videos of all the latest unboxings and case reviews. You’ll find it all here.

Our range of cases is massive and often for major handsets we will do a comparison of all the cases, giving you the features, benefits of what each case offers to your device.

If you haven’t seen them already, check out the below posts we did for the iPhone 6s, LG G4 and the OnePlus Two…

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  1. William Gess

    Dear Orzly Team
    I have recently bought a Nintendo Switch & I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve bought 2 Orzly accessories for it so far & I’ve also bought your Nes mini classic controller… All of them are of great quality. I’m also a big fan of Street Fighter & will definitely be buying the game when it comes out soon for the switch…. But what I have noticed with the Switch is that the official joy-cons are not worthy for fighting & platform games or basically any games that requires a good old fashioned d-pad. There definitely is an opportunity for a company like yours to make a pair of retro gaming joy-cons for the Switch! & this is a message, request / plea from me for you to make it happen!
    You could release many designs for different types of games. For example for fighting games a larger d-pad with six buttons on the joy-con. For platformers a joy-con with a design similar to a NES or SNES controller! Megadrive, Neo Geo ….There are so many possibilities! These joy-cons would be perfect for on the go 2 player gaming.
    I would be happy to help make this opportunity a reality. I’m not an expert in design, but I’m a gamer who knows what he likes. With or without me please consider my idea, not just for me but for all the gamers out there! I guarantee there is money to be made if you go ahead with this. Please let me know your thoughts.

    1. Sven Lau

      Dear Manager,my name is sven,we are producing Silicone Night Stand for your company via a trading company. Can we contact you directly and give you the best price.

  2. Leupoldzgt

    secular brotherhoods of scribes.

  3. Speakernyg

    Europe, and in Ancient Russia


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