Update on Type-C Orzly Cables

First Gen USB 2.0 Orzly Cables:

This is a quick information update for anyone who purchased an Orzly USB 2.0 Type C Cable between August and October 2015. If you bought this cable to charge anything other than a OnePlus2, then you may find that these cables are not suitable to use with your device.

To explain, we had originally released these for use with the OnePlus 2 and we had no knowledge or data concerning future devices supporting Type-C as at the time, this was still a relatively new technology.

However since the launch of the Google Nexus 5X, it has been brought to our attention that the resistors in the USB 2.0 cables may not be suitable to use with the Nexus 5X, 6P and other new Type-C devices because our cables had a 10K resistor in them, instead of the USB standard requirement of 56K resistor.

This means that depending on the power source you are using, there is a small risk that the cable may try and draw more power than the source will allow which may cause damage to your power adapter especially if the adapter does not have a self-contained safety mechanism to regulate power flow.

Much of the outcome will depend on both the device you are trying to charge, as well as the quality of your power source. It is always recommended that the best chargers or adapters to use are ones which display a regional safety compliance symbol such as CE, UL, or CCC eyc on them). These chargers will have an in-built safety mechanism that will regulate the flow of current and prevent a higher current from being drawn.

Therefore depending on your power source, the outcome of using these USB 2.0 cables could be different. For example if using a 2A charger (that has a self-regulating mechanism) to charge a Oneplus 2, then these cables are fine to use. If using a 3A charger (that has a self-regulating mechanism) then the cables can be used, but it is not recommended. Finally, if using the cable without a safe charger, or on a device such as the Chrombook Pixel, then these cables should NOT be used as damage could be caused to your charger, adaptor, or USB port.

The table below should provide a quick summary for reference:

* To identify if your adapter or power source has met regional safety standards, please look for one of the logos below: We would also recommend that should you keep this cable for your use with your OnePlus 2 then as a precautionary measure, you put a sticker or label on the cable to remind you not to use these cables in the future on any 3A devices supporting Type-C.

Our Customers:

Nothing is more important to us than our customers, and we therefore want to ensure we can assist you and support should you have any questions or concerns regarding Type-c Orzly Cables.

Please be assured that all our authorised re-sellers, as well as our own team, will be happy to answer any queries. Simply follow the steps below:
– If you purchased your cable from Amazon or eBay, or any other marketplace, then please contact the re-seller directly quoting your order number, and they will assist you accordingly.
– For any customers who purchased directly from the Orzly site, please drop us an email at support@orzly.com and we will find your order and contact you.

Orzly are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, and we, as well as our re-sellers, will be looking at replacing affected orders with our new generation cables.

*Only relevant orders will be replaced upon provision of certain details, replacement cables will all be USB 3.0 certified stock (see information below)

** Replacement cables only available in black

*** Replacement offer open until January 16th, 2016

Our new generation of Orzly Type-C Cables:

Fortunately we had already been working on our next generation of USB-C Cables and were close to launching these when the above information came to light. We were therefore able to act quickly to ensure the new generation cables were safe to use and ready to launch. We had the cables tested by a well-known and reputable testing house and have decided to publish the certificate on our site (see right) for customer re-assurance. We have also had the new generation cables verified as compliant by an engineer from the Google Chrome OS team who was kind enough to share his thoughts of our cable on Amazon : Benson Leung has invested a great deal of time in to ensuring the safety of third party Type-C accessories across the world and it is therefore a great re-assurance for us as manufacturers, to have this kind of verification of our cables. We appreciate the assistance he has given us in helping us ensure our Type-C cables meet required standards and with the knowledge we now have through this experience, we hope to continue bring out new, exciting, and compliant Type-C accessories in the future.

Video Wall:

Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel where we’ve uploaded videos showing the Orzly Type-C Cable tested with Type-C compatible devices.

Nexus 6P

Lumia 950/950XL

MacBook Retina

Pixel C Tablet


If you have bought an affected cable and would like any more information, then please follow the steps detailed above and you will be contacted in due course.

As always we would not be where we are without the continued support of our customers, and this is why we want to re-assure all of you that we will always do our best to right any wrongs, and to continue to assist you with any queries you may have.

From the team at Orzly, we would like to wish all of you happy holidays.


  1. Marcel

    So the Nexus 6P video didn’t show rapid charging, can the new cable handle 3a for rapid charging 6P?

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    Hey I’m hoping to get a return on my charging cable. I researched it cause it was charging so slowly but also because it kept booting me from android auto. Switched cables and now it works great. Looks like the thing isn’t good to use with my 5x but it’s outside of amazon return window. Please contact me about this. Thanks! http://orzlyblog.com/update-on-type-c-orzly-cables/

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