Most Protective Case for iPhone 7

The two heavy hitters of the Orzly range come together to duke it out for the “Most Protective” case for the new iPhone! It’s a straight up, difficult choice to make, both having superb attributes which could help it take the title!

“One of my Favourite Cases!” – JB

The Grip-Pro is one of the cases that I buy for pretty much every phone I have! I love the colours it comes in and the protection it offers my phones is incredible. It’s a two piece case, compromising of an inner rubberised shell, which adds fantastic impact protection for your phone and an outer textured layer. The tough outer layer is strong and robust enough to take the occasional knock and keep your phone safe! Whilst the inner rubberised layer, lips just over the top of the screen to create a gap between your screen and the surface- providing optimal protection if the your phone were to fall face down!

“It’s built like a Tank” – Colleague

The Duo-Armour case is a very similar style of protection to the Grip-Pro, but it takes it’s job even more serious. It’s also compromised of an inner rubberised layer for impact absorption and scratch protection, but the outer layer of the Duo-Armour surrounds the entire phone, encasing it it in a protective shell. For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Orzly have decided to make this case a little more stylish and have added in studded diamante rhinestones set in a quilted print pattern.

Who wins?!

For the maximum protection and a little bit of a stylish flair, you’ll want to turn your gaze too the Orzly Duo-Armour Shimmer. The case really does have great impact absorption, scratch & drop protection. Like I’ve been told it really is “built like a tank.” Both cases also come with Orzly 2 year limited manufacturers warranty to help give you ease of mind when purchasing!

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